Vito Marenče Group

Formed by a guitar virtuoso Vito Marenče, joined by some of the best Slovenian  musicians and performers, the Group spearheads the forming of the homegrown flamenco scene. The original repertoire has been regularly performed on some of the biggest Slovenian festivals, occasionally in collaboration with great artists from Spain.

Vito Marenče – guitar
Ana Pandur – baile
Jošt Drašler – bass
Nino Mureškič – percussion
Andrej Tomazin – percussion




Jezdeci Škrlatne Kadulje



Starting as a Grateful Dead tribute band, Jezdeci Škrlatne Kadulje quickly evolved in a compact sounding folk rock quintet, specializing in localizing the greatest music of the times of hippies. Harmonious singing and Slovenian lyrics adds that little something which won’t leave any of the deadheads disappointed.


Guitar, mandolin, vocal – Bojan Šen
Guitar, vocal – Boštjan ‘Soko’ Soklič
Bass, flute, vocal – Vid Sark
Vocal – Urška Kranjc
Percussion – Andrej Tomazin





Denise Dantas;

Chorinho e Samba Brasileiro


A regional ambassador of Brazilian music, Denise Dantas, formed a quintet in order to tell the story of how samba developed from chorinho and evolved to bossa nova. A group of experienced musicians from Brazil and Slovenia guides the listener from the rural north east of Brazil, to favelas of Rio de Janeiro and explodes in samba-enredo of the great carnival.

Denise Dantas – vocal, percussion
Egon Boštjančič – guitar
Cleo Maia – cavaquinho
André Araujo – drumset, percussion
Andrej Tomazin – Percussion





Trio Tradicionales

A compact trio of a Cuban and two Slovenes specializes in covering traditional songs from Cuba and other Caribbean nations. A broad repertoire of different musical styles, such as son montuno, guajira, cha cha cha, cumbia and bachata and singing in three voice harmonies provides the sound that is usually reserved for much bigger ensembles.

Leo Salazar – vocal, guitar
Jure Čehovin – vocal, maracas
Andrej Tomazin – vocal, bongos, campana




Ta Sãund

This samba pagode trio has been formed out of pure love for performing Brazilian music. Stationed in Ljubljana, they always perform their repertoire with the same enthusiasm, may it be a big concert or a small roda de samba in the local park.

Andrej Tomazin – cavaquinho, guitar, vocal
Miha Friedrich – pandeiro, percussion, vocal
Jure Čehovin – rebolo, percussion, vocal





After 30 years of existence, Tantadruj still represents the leading force in transforming the poetry of Slovenian greatest poets into pleasant songs with high artistic value.

Aleš Hadalin – voice, harmonica
Boštjan Soklič – guitar
Mateja Blaznik – guitar
Andrej Tomazin – multipercussion setup